Chimera consults with all kinds of businesses looking to improve their focus on people, planet and profit. From golf courses to fitness clubs, retail to food and beverage operations, Chimera has a track record of bringing people together and helping them build a sustainability road map so the business can feel good about their culture and footprint while growing their bottom line. 



Chimera consults with professionals throughout the green industry including work on golf course operations, sport turf facilities, farmers, nursery growers and the supply and manufacturing network. They supply site, soil, water and plant auditing services focused on problem solving. 



Chimera develops strategic plans where communications are lacking or takes average communication efforts to new heights. Where the goals are to build better relationships and create value around an organization or a brand, Chimera is equipped to bring life to a blank or tired canvass.  



Chimera builds new brands and revitalizes old ones. If a product or service is underutilized or there is a lack of awareness within a market, Chimera has a proven track record of bringing direction, generating awareness and in turn, stimulating revenue and sales results. 

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